Waste Management 2018

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Ukrainian National Waste Management Strategy - APPROVED!

UkraineEU Association

Ukrainian National Waste Management Strategy has been approved by the Government of Ukraine on November 8th, 2017.

In the period from 2018 to 2030, the strategy provides:

- organization of separate waste collection in 5000 settlements
- construction of 240 waste reception centers

- construction of 735 waste recycling facilities

- construction of 19 plants for thermal waste disposal

- construction of 50 modern MSW landfills

- closing and reclamation of existing 5700 MSW landfills.

By 2030, the level of MSW recycling will increase to 20% of the total volume (2017 - 3.04%).

By 2030, the percentage of waste sent for disposal to landfills should be reduced to 35% (2017 - 50%).

By 2030, the percentage of waste sent to thermal disposal should be 10% (2017 - 2.37%).

International Exhibition
of equipment and technologies for waste collection and recycling
Waste Management 2018 will be conducted on 2-3rd of October in Kiev, Ukraine, The Ukrainian CCI.

This international forum aims to become a platform for attracting investments and advanced technologies into the industry.

Main topics:
- Legislation reforms in the field of waste management
- Waste management in Ukraine: current state and investment environment
- Investment projects of Ukrainian regions
- Separate collection and transportation of waste
- Sorting and recycling of waste
- Waste disposal: biogas, incineration, W2E, MSW landfills
- Industrial waste recycling (mining and metallurgical sectors, fuel and energy sectors, agriculture and food industry)
- Recycling of secondary raw materials (secondary polymers, waste paper, cullet, used tires and rubber goods)
- Collection and disposal of hazardous waste (medical waste, chemical waste, oil-containing waste, WEEE and batteries).

Who will attend:
- suppliers of equipment and integrated solutions for waste management
- MSW operators
- financial institutions
- industrial enterprises
- ports
- construction and engineering companies
- retailers
- packaged goods producers
- recyclers of secondary raw materials
- Ministries
- municipal and state authorities
- diplomatic missions
- territorial communities, societies of co-owners of apartment buildings.

We invite everyone to the meeting of professionals in the field of waste collection and recycling in Kiev!